Amy is Nominated for 2 Detroit Music Awards- Last 2 Days to Vote!

I am extremely honored to be nominated for the 2017 Detroit Music Awards!!! 🙂 The Award Ceremony will be on May 5th, 2017 at the Fillmore in Detroit! As many of you know, I won 2 awards in 2004: Outstanding Christian Vocalist and Songwriter. I have since then, received nominations in 2005, 2015, & 2016. This year, I am excited to be nominated with my friend, Catherine Zardus, owner of Magic Carpet Theatre, and a very talented writer/lyricist and actress. This is the first song I have ever recorded with my classical guitar and I love the beautifully mellow sound. I got the Dauphin classical guitar in 1981. I hadn’t played it in a couple of decades and I don’t think I had ever changed the strings, but it was in almost perfect tune! I was afraid to change the strings because it sounded so nice, so I went with it as it was. One string broke the day after the recording! Whew! 🙂

Here are our 2017 nominations…

Outstanding Gospel/Christian Recording

Amy Susan Heard & Catherine Zardus “I feel You, Lord”

Outstanding Gospel/Christian Songwriter

Amy Susan Heard & Catherine Zardus

This song is from our first Magic Carpet Theatre drama ministry CD of one of our shows, “At His Feet, Women In Scripture.” It includes “Amazing Grace,” 3 more original songs, 3 wonderful scenes and 6 meditational readings from scripture. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me through my website or my Facebook Page.

If you are a registered voter, please go to Detroit Music Awards and vote by midnight on Sunday, April 23rd. If you have forgotten your user name and password, they will send it to you.

***If you are not registered to vote, but are in any way involved in the Metropolitan Detroit Music Scene, please register. You may not be able to vote this year, but I could sure use your votes next year when my band, Threefold Mercy, will be up for nominations for our new CD, “Long Time,” coming out this summer! :)***

God bless you all and thank you in advance for your support. 🙂

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